It seems that life is constantly throwing curveballs at us these days. If my grandmother dying, the boys being diagnosed on the spectrum and my husband hospitalized weren’t enough, I’ve also lost my nanny, my mother has moved and I’m quickly gaining back the weight I lost after months of sincere effort. I’ve considered getting myself back into some serious therapy and then wondered, “well, why not write?” So here I am. I hope I can chart the journey our family is taking with our identical twin boys as we navigate Autism All The Time, which is how it’s been feeling these days.

My boys, John and Sam, just turned two years old. Both have been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder: John moderate to severe and Sam mild to moderate. All these qualifiers mean nothing to me right now, except to make my research on the internet one of utter dismay. My babies are just beautiful to me and I’m struggling to make sense of what their diagnoses mean for all of us as they grow.


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