My Two Goobers

Tomorrow John is scheduled for an MRI under anesthesia. I’m pretty nervous about the whole process and what the doctors may or may not find. He is still pretty unsteady on his feeet and the doctors want to rule out things. I guess I’m worried that the things they want to rule out will present themselves tomorrow. But I do know that a lot of kids with ASD have balance issues, so let’s just get these tests out of the way, please!

Here is my little goober playing with his blanket at breakfast this morning…

Last week was our first of ASD “school.” Through our state’s EI program, the class meets three days per week (only 1.5 hours, but I’m ecstatic to be doing something concrete). The ratio is four adults to three children, not bad numbers — and is ABA-based. We still need to find a private speech therapist to give both boys the extra hours they need and will also look into a private ABA program once we see how this program is working for them. I honestly don’t know how much is too much for them at two.

Here is my other little goober blowing bubbles…

Their first week at school, they both: played with pudding, held a fork, sat still for circle time and weren’t crying when I came to get them. What will they be capable of after a year of this? Even in the midst of fear of the unknown, I’m excited to watch them blossom.


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  • How did the MRI go? That must have been so draining for you? And John? How did he do?

    Also: in terms of knowing how much is too much — I think you have to go with your gut to start. Then, as you see how they respond you can up the demands or decrease them. Once you start seeing trends over time it gets easier.


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