My Love Affair with Tivo

Tivo might just be the best invention ever. You know how you can have Tivo recommend programs based on your viewing habits? (We turned that option off after one too many Fear Factors were recorded – we blame our reality TV addiction), but a few months ago I created a WishList with the keyword of Autism, and lo and behold: this morning I woke up to a recorded show and saw two more upcoming on our To Do list. Gotta love that. For example: on Sun., 10/15, Jon Stewart is hosting some benefit for autism charities on the Comedy Channel. And the next night, at midnight!, on a show I’ve never even seen (The Shield), the main character finds out his son has autism. Whoa.

It’s nice to know that, with my life as busy at it is, that our scary smart Tivo is picking up the TV viewing slack. Truth be told, I don’t know what we did without it. Besides having an essential crop of shows to choose from for the younger set (Sesame Street, Little Einsteins, The Wiggles); the grownups also get to have a smorgasbord of treats too: Greys Anatomy, Lost, Survivor — along with a couple of promising new ones (Heroes, Studio 60, Ugly Betty). And if we’re too tired to watch for several days — no pressure — they’re all there, saved for when we’re ready. What a great Tivo pal. And like a good friend, always there to offer a bit of levity and distraction for its tired and lately-too-serious owners.

Oh, and we have two.


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  • Tivo (*sigh*)…Ohhh how I wish we had it too. We are totally cellular at our house, therefore no landline, no Tivo. All the phone bills were killing us! But, kal, you do make it soooo tempting to switch back.

    Love the show Heroes too!

    Take Care,

  • No, you know what’s scary? What’s scary is that I could have written this post. Honestly. Word for word.

    Okay, no – actually, I would have swapped out “Little Einsteins, The Wiggles” for “Curious George, Pinky Dinky Doo.”

    And my first sentence would have been “TiVo IS the best invention ever.”

    But still.


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