Ho, Ho, Ho

The Christmas tree is up and we’re none the worse for wear. Hubby and I bickered about the lights (as always), and there were last-minute trips to Target for extras—like bulbs and garlands, etc. The boys darted in and out of the room as we decorated the tree. I made a small pile of unbreakable ornaments so that they could help. Sam found two old plastic M&M figurines and tried several times to “place” them on the lower branches, but instead he’d jerk backwards when his hand brushed against the pine needles.

His sensory issues have always been stronger than John’s.

John, on the other hand, had zero interest in the tree. He eyed it out of the corner of his eyes a few times, but kept a safe distance—all the while dancing around us with a book in his hand. And the countdown begins.


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  • Our tree went up on Friday and came down on Saturday. Three times! I turned into quite the teary mess on Sunday after cleaning up broken glass for the zillionth time and then decided that it just wasn’t worth it. So I took all but the most indestructable ornaments off the tree and packed them away. … Now we’re all happier!

    Glad to see you’re back in action with your blog!

  • Never responded to a blog before!!
    I also have identical two year old twins on the spectrum, and I think we could bring in the tree from Rockefeller Center without them noticing!

    On the hand, they are seeming slightly more interested in my existence lately, which is really, really good.
    Love your blog


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