March Cobwebs

Have you ever had a head cold and been so congested that not only was it difficult to breathe, but your hearing was muffled as if you were encased in cotton or submerged in water? That’s what it feels like with all these thoughts taking up residence in my head. Time for spring cleaning, or eviction, if you’re still hanging with my metaphor.

There are so many things I could blog about. So many, er, cobwebs.

1. We saw one of four possible programs for John & Sam when they turn three.

2. We finally did all the bloodwork recommended by the developmental pediatrician. Everything came back normal except one, indicating mitochondrial dysfunction. (“treatable with supplements and vitamins” this from one of the more well-known autism research hubs in the country; still no word on the MRI abnormality)

3. We took a walk in the neighborhood and came upon a friend and a gaggle of NT children who stared at John.

4. What it’s like, especially lately, to have two boys at different ends of the spectrum.

5. John’s budding artistry. Sam’s lovely speech.

And on top of all that, so many other bloggers have been writing about things I’ve been feeling, pondering, worrying about and I’d love to talk about that too…but I can’t tonight. Deadline met, 1:30 a.m. Going to bed.


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  • I like the photo in that it seems to show both joy (although you can’t see their faces) and chaos (which you discuss in the post.)

    So many things to think about, and I can relate to several. Spring brings lots of questions, that is for sure.

  • I think I know the feeling of too many thoughts taking up residence in your head. I find my thoughts pinging around from long term plans (setting up a trust fund) to immediate concerns (what are they going to eat for lunch) and everything in between.

    Hang in there, and thank you for your comment. It is so mind-boggling, having two boys with autism. At least with my boys, they have pretty similar needs. It must be tricky with two who are at such different points.

  • I didn’t blog about much of anything either, had my own cobwebs in my head too. I’ll be back looking forward to reading whatever and whenever you feel like blogging. I can totally relate to your metaphor. Hope that you all are doing well otherwise.


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