John’s Artistry

When he first started drawing, John was tentative. He held his crayons gingerly and made slow, sweeping arcs with his left hand. And if he chose yellow or pink, the arcs were so light you could barely make them out on the paper. These faint half-circles were a constant as he became more comfortable, more sure of himself. His wrists are weak — he still has a hard time holding a spoon or fork — but the crayon is now at home in his small fingers and he tends to alternate between left and right hands (although he clearly prefers his left). I’m amazed he stays completely on the paper and love watching him study his art looking for empty white holes to fill. The other day, I watched him master a new technique: rapid stacatto movements with the end of the crayon to make a spray of dots.

He may be non-verbal, but he impresses me every day.


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  • It’s wonderful that John is such an artist! He has some interesting little shapes mixed in with the larger marks.

    It’s so great to see our kids develop their own strengths. The way he holds his hands reminds me of how my B. touches things, very gently and delicately.


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