Sam, The Computer Man

Well, I suppose it was only a matter of time before Sam discovered the computer. His vocabulary is so extensive now that he can recite, verbatim, all of his favorite Wiggles episodes. The spelling continues, but we’ve tried to redirect him to doing so on the fridge or on his easel board. (For awhile there, that was his sole method of interacting with us and everyone else.) His favorite words to spell? B-U-S, O-A-T-M-E-A-L, S-C-H-O-O-L, but the favorites change frequently. Once I set him up at my laptop, he was in ABC heaven…

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  • JP was a computer wizard. Unfortunately, we found that when he started playing the store bought games he got in the habit of always picking the wrong answers first. (He liked hearing all the buzzers and “Try again” chimes). Then he started doing this with our table top discrete trials.

    I would say, “Give me apple” and he would touch the orange and say “buzz-wrong answer” and he would touch the cake and say “Bam-try again” and then he’d give me the apple and say “Good job!” Of course, we knew that he knew the answer correct but that kind of distorts purpose of the discrete trial.

    I found this software called “My Own Bookshelf” and JP loves it. I can load my own pictures and sounds into it and it will read the text to him. We have done lots of social stories in it. I use pictures of JP so he thinks it is awesome. It combines his love of the computer with the therapy he needs.

    He actually uses it when he needs “down time”. I always chuckle to myself because his “down time” tends to be his best therapy!

    (We also love their “Test me Score me” software. I use this to set up discrete trials for him. He works longer and harder for it than he does doing these trials face to face with a person.)


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