I’d like to thank…

I received a lovely blog honor last week from fellow blogger Be A Good Dad.

He bestowed upon me a Thinking Blogger Award. I’m surprised how happy it made me, even if it is essentially a meme dressed up in a ballgown. For one thing, it introduced me to another parent of twins (one with autism) and you can never know too many of those. And another, his blog steered me towards even more bloggers. But the biggest thrill is, wow — there are others actually reading me.

I thank him, am humbled, and now I’d like to bestow the following five bloggers with their very own Thinking Blogger Award. Thank you for making me think.

1. Whitterer on Autism. Well, first of all, if it weren’t for mcewen, I would not even know about my honor! But that is not why I award her. Mcewen is the Joan Didion of the blogosphere. So prolific, so funny, so real. And I dare say if you’re an autism mom or dad you know what I mean.

2. This Mom. I love visiting This Mom’s blog and reading about the Adventures of Fluffy. It’s like curling up on a comfy couch with a good book. I also love going here to read about other therapies like RDI. She makes me think.

3. Mom Without A Manual. MWAM makes me think about different ways of looking at the boys’ autism and is really the first one who made me go “Hmmm…biomedical therapies might help J&S.”

4. Schuylers’ Monster. I’m not even sure how I found this amazing blog. It is one dad’s take on his daughter and living with a very rare neurological disorder. It is written with such insight, love and humor…I visit every day. So do many: he will soon be published.

5. Dooce. I am such a novice blogger that when I first started I thought a blog was a chat room (is it? I guess kind of? see…still a newbie) If we’re all struggling writers, then Dooce is the one who not only got published but also got a movie deal. Five movie deals. She gets hundreds of comments. And she’s hysterical.

All of this and I would just like to add that everyone on my blogroll makes me think, that’s why you’re there 🙂

Rules for participation:
1. If, and only if, you are tagged above, write a post with links to five blogs that make you think.
2. Link to this post so that people can easily find the exact origin of the meme.
3. Optional: Proudly display the ‘Thinking Blogger Award’ with a link to the post that you wrote.


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  • golly! And thank you. It is great how the blogosphere can send you into whole new paths [in my case usually by accident or a too pudgy thumb!]

    Sound a little technical for my teeny tiny brain, but I’ll see what I can do over the weekend.
    Enjoy it!

  • Congratulations! That’s awesome! I followed you over from Whitterer. She’s a peach!

    Actually, there’s a woman who lives in my suburb here that has twins w/ASD.

    They were in school w/my oldest for a bit (he’s 10, aspie) but I think they go to special ed/private classes. I don’t know the terminology, but they are in a different building than mine.

    Anyway, congratulations on your reward!


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