Dear Blog Land,

We are still around, we are just insanely busy. I am hard-pressed, though, to explain how my last post on this blog was nearly a month ago, how my new banner says “July” and yet this is my first July post. Ah well, pull up a chair. I can start with the obvious and move on down:

1. Having twins is a full-time job.
2. Being a freelancer is also a full-time job.
3. Driving two children to two different places every day is a full-time job.
4. Battling health insurance companies for coverage of badly needed therapies and vitamin cocktails is a full-time job.
5. Hosting my two older stepsons for a month is, really, a full-time job.
6. Planning a birthday party for twin almost-three-year-olds is turning into a full-time job.
7. Worrying about the upcoming school year shouldn’t be a full-time job yet, but apparently I feel I need another full-time job.
8. Not following Weight Watchers has become my full-time…occupation.
9. Catching up on my blog-reading (nevermind blog-writing) is a full-time job.
10. Worrying about all of my jobs? Yep, you got it.

With exhaustion and an eye on Fall,


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  • I marvel that you can keep it all together! Hang in there!

    To bad you can’t earn a paycheck for each of those jobs!

    We start Kindergarten in two weeks. I am nervous but also eager to get into our new routine! I can’t imagine someone else managing 30 hours of my son’s life! Ugh! I hope they understand how to do it right!


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