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It only took three+ months, but I’ve actually finished a book. “The Elephant in the Playroom” was perfect for me: a collection of very short essays written by moms and dads parenting kids with special needs. If you’re feeling alone in your everyday world — not in Blog Land, because there’s great company here — then I highly recommend it. It’s the type of book I looked for when we first started down this path.

Maybe unlike me, you’ll get this book and place it on top of the hopeless pile of unread fluff magazines on your nightstand and reach for it instead. I know when I finally retrieved it from underneath an old People Magazine I was hooked.


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  • While at a doctor’s appointment recently I saw a few excerpts from this book in a magazine..can’t remember which one. I was quite discouraged by the tone of hopelessness in each of the excerpts. I hope there were some hopeful stories in the book. There must be because you like the book and you are very hopeful! Thanks for the reminder for me to check this out further. I’m currently reading “Born on a Blue Day”, along with “Letters to Sam”, “1001 Great Ideas for Teaching and Raising Children With Autism Spectrum Disorders”, and several other teaching books!


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