Birthday Bash

We have quietly turned three…

Although, it wasn’t really very quiet. Some insanity had me make not one, but two complicated cakes and I am so not a cake person! But the sad thing is, now I am. I am doomed to do this every year on their birthday. I blame mcewen.

Sam’s Thomas the Train cake…

…and John’s Blues Clues cake…

Thank heaven for terrific sisters and understanding husbands. Nine hours later and we had two masterpieces. And a frazzled mom. Of three-year-olds. Wow.


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  • Happy Birthday to John and Sam!! The cakes are just awesome. Declan turned one this month too, to my shock. How did that happen? It is so hard to believe how the time has gone by. I’m so glad we saw you this summer and we will definitely see each other this fall.


  • Happy Birthdays!!!

    I’m impressed with your cakes! You’re sure that you are not a baker? If you want to see a cake gone horribly wrong, just have me make one!

    Three years old too? Wow, time sure does go by fast. Hope you had a great day with your cuties.


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