Starting Fresh

Okay, I’ve gone a little nuts. Give a woman three free hours a day and look at all she can get accomplished: I’ve cleaned, steamed, painted, bleached, sorted, classified and thrown away. I’ve put our lives, or at least our house, in order. It’s only been three years of clutter and chaos and dust build-up, so why should I attack each new, self-imposed project with such zeal? Because at last my world feels a little lighter and I can breathe a little easier.

And hopefully return to a little bit of blogging.

My two boys are doing great in school. After the first week of boarding his own bus and adjusting to the traumatic fact that I would not be joining him on it, Sam is in love with his new routine: his teachers, his new school friends, his bus drivers and aides. And he knows all of their names and can spell them too. Every day. In fact, Sam is reading everything. Of course books, but also signs just about everywhere — in the grocery store, library, gas station — sounding the words out when stumped. He is a sponge. The hardest part about Sam going to school, really, has been on me and not being able to watch him through the one-way mirror. Not knowing what his day looks like.

John seems to have adjusted to the longer day — he is gone from 9 to 3 leaving me and Sam to our own devices for lunch, and after, until he gets home. While John can tell me even less than Sam about his day (i.e., nothing), he has a great team that writes extensive notes in his notebook and calls me on a semi-regular basis to keep me updated on his progress. He remains his sweet self in the face of much being asked of him, and it has become clear that they love him almost as much as we do. You can’t ask for much more than that. They have exposed him to an augmentative communication device and tell me has been very interested in it — something for us to pursue.

I don’t talk about it much here, but both boys have been taking a vitamin cocktail to treat their mitochondrial disorder. Basically, it’s a (very expensive) liquid compound of about ten different vitamins and co-factors to help relace and replenish what their bodies are lacking. I don’t know if it’s making a difference or not. I am also struck by how very DAN this all is without being DAN at all. We are scheduled for a follow-up with the metabolic disease doctor in a few months. And I’m spending a lot of my free hours writing appeal letters to insurance companies and state insurance boards.

Here’s hoping to see more of my free hours here too.


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