Oh, December, where have you gone? And how (though thank god) is a new year barreling down on this family so fast? It’s been a month full of sickness, hibernation and kids sent home from school with colds, fever, ringworm (which I used to think was an actual parasite and not some fungus). Still, yuck.

Also a month of insane shopping where we learned this valuable lesson: if you enter a toy store with the express purpose of finding two presents for each of your children, you will instead buy out the entire place as you run down the aisles gleefully throwing toy after toy into your cart. When home you and your spouse will look at each other a bit dazed and wonder, Should we put some of this away for their birthday? and then decide Nah.

There is talk, though, of putting on the brakes next year. Maybe.

This month also marked their official first haircuts. What do you mean they look like girls? We only waited until they were three. Sam thrashed around and emerged with a pretty trendy “choppy” cut. Although John cried, amazingly he sat very still and has a proper little boy cut, over the ears and everything. I wasn’t there, I refused to watch their curls drop to the floor along with the last vestiges of babyhood: Their dad and older brother took them to Cartoon Cuts, where the experience, as reported, was positive (though Daddy really never wants to do that again).

And it was also a month of baking. When all committed to paper, twenty-five teachers, therapists, bus drivers and aides are part of our lives. So I baked. And baked and baked and baked. I will never bake again, but at least I have a terrific holiday bread recipe now. I made them in mini-loaf pans I found at Michael’s for $1 each and then adorned them each with an initial ornament and ribbon.

Token colds gave us a short reprieve so that we could go get our Christmas tree, but alas — Christmas Day brought with it a stomach virus and two very sick little boys and two very tired and very sick parents. We have all been living together in our germ-infested prison, I mean house, for the last several days.

We are just emerging. And not to be all Bah Humbug, but I can’t wait until the holidays are done and Routine and Order and Back-to-School are the words of the day.

That being said, still, Happy Holidays to all.


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