Mastery of the Splash

Sam has been waking with a dry diaper for several weeks now. Each morning, I say “Sam, do you want to sit on the potty?” And he says “No.” Sometimes his reply is more uncertain: “No?!” And other times it’s a definite “NO!”

At his preschool, they have potty time every morning. The reports are that he reluctantly gives in to sitting there for one whole minute, but jumps off without ever having, er, made a splash.

Today, with the timer set strategically to 2:02 and the faucet set to blast, my boy made his first pee in the potty. Good lord, how I’ve longed for this day. He was so impressed with himself that he asked to go on the potty two more times.

I’ve really been thinking about supplementing his special ed preschool with a more traditional one next year, and by all accounts that will require a certain mastery of the splash come fall.

We’re on our way.


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