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People! Please witness the sudden and unexplained liberation of those Telly Tubby trouble-makers La-La, Po, Dipsy and Tinky-Winky, after a year of neglect at the bottom of a laundry basket (ever since their unexciting arrival last year from ebay seller A548123). The beneficent liberator, John, arranged them against the wall while parading Thomas back and forth in front of them. A fine homecoming…


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  • This is such a funny picture. Those Tele-Tubbies are some weird creatures. Hooray for their freedom! Long live the days of Thomas parade watching!

  • I love it!! Ahh, the Teletubbies. I’m pining for the old days (of last summer) now that I see those wacky guys again. My elder child loved them until he was nearly 7. Maybe he still does, we just haven’t had a request for them in a while. I’m sure Thomas was proud to be strutting his stuff for them. 😉

    That new banner photo of your boys is bee-yu-tiful! They are gorgeous!

  • Found your blog on Fragile What? blogroll. I’m so glad she offered that. We have 3 children (4, 2, 11 months) with Fragile X. I could so relate to your school issues and fears. Ian (4) is in a PPCD program at the school where my husband teaches. He has one more year there…..then what????? I can’t believe it’s already time to start thinking about what to do. I have the same fears of him being ‘labeled’ or bullied by kids who can be so cruel….simply because we’re not exactly born with kind, affectionate, understanding natures. I cried the first time I watched Ian being the center of a joke. I cried for a long time. I also cannot imagine people not knowing him. He’s soooo wonderful. Our little girl (2) is not as affected, and we don’t know (other than his low muscle tone and delay of speech) how affected our littlest boy (11 months) may or may not be. We’re praying for higher functioning.

    Way to go on the potty training! Ian works at it, but mainly because he (like yours) watches and does what other little ones do. Whatever works!

    I look forward to reading more.


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