Sam’s Schedule – 4/08/08

1) Get up
2) Grumpy!
3) Go potty on floor
4) Refuse to get dressed
5) Accept juice
6) Push cereal away
7) “No school today!”
8) It’s a cloudy day
9) “Stay home!”
10) Mommy feels Sam’s forehead — normal
11) Mommy threatens Sam
12) “New schedule! Number 1. Sam get up, 2. Sam go to doctor, 3. No school today!”
13) John’s bus comes
14) Mommy almost gives in, tries different tack
15) “School, then doctor, then store!”
16) Mommy scores
17) Sam goes to school
18) Home
19) How does Sam feel?
20) If still grumpy, go to doctor

Three hours later he bounces off the bus and up the drive.
Sam, how do you feel?

“Sam is happy!”
Mommy is tired.


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