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I’m still here, still around, still reading at least. Life has knocked us down a few times lately, when it rains it hails and all that. So, I have a post, I really do, I just need to find the time. Right now you say? You know it’s bad when your readers call to see what’s happened to you. If it weren’t past midnight… really folks, I have to go to bed.

Well, here are some highlights:
1. A storm came through here last week and uprooted two majestic trees in the back yard. And revealed how serious the patio sinkhole is (the one sinking towards the house and leaking water into the basement).

2. This is the last week of school which means we enter “Potty Training In A Week or Less” to prepare Sam, once and for all, for summer camp.

3. John starts a 20-hour-per-week home ABA program this weekend.

4. We had John’s IEP meeting and survived it. They are keeping him at the same school which I’ve heard is rare for the second year of preschool. They prefer to move most kids on to the public school program where there is more opportunity for interaction with NT kids. They don’t think he’s ready for the interaction part, saying he’s only “beginning to emerge.” So, a little sad about this.

4. I baked 6 dozen chocolate chip cookies for our bus drivers and aides and then found the coolest teacher gifts on etsy.com — for all 17 of them. Now I just need to make tags.

5. We applied for and received some amazing funding for both Sam’s camp and for John’s ABA program. I encourage everyone to research what’s available through their state or county’s developmental disabilities administration. We practically stumbled on this info, it doesn’t seem to be widely publicized.

And now here it is, practically tomorrow, but my first June post!


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  • That’s great about the funding for John’s ABA! We just got onto a waiting list for 90 days of ABA from MHMRA. Public agencies are really trying to give families what they need (90 days is a start, anyway).

    Best wishes on the potty training. We are working on that here, too. Everyone can say “potty” and “pee-pee”, but it’s all just talk so far.

  • so nice to hear how things are going and yay! for the funding!

    sad to hear about the trees and the sinkhole. there must be a metaphor in there somewhere…

  • So much going on. Re #4, no words of wisdom here but I can imagine how you must be feeling. I had SB’s end of the year IEP meeting (really a follow-up to the one last month) this week and I’m still trying to process it all … nothing earth-shattering (at least not yet) but not exactly where I’d like us to be either … one of these days I’ll find the time to post about it. Anyway, I’m thinking of you.

    Good luck with Sam’s potty training!


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