Doodle Wednesday

Although he loves to write and draw, Sam does not like to use both hands at the same time. Definitely a lefty, if one hand gets slightly dirty (usually his right), he will clench it into a fist and refuse to use it. Weakness in his grip makes his crayon drawings fairly faint most of the time and often discourages him from continuing.

This is not a problem, however, with his Doodle Pro — the best invention aside from markers (which are also much easier to manipulate).

Lately, we’ve discovered TLC’s Meteor and the Mighty Monster Trucks and he is a devoted viewer. This is Meteor, Junkboy, and some friends…

Here’s Willy, a favorite I believe…

And this is a boy. (“Who is that?” I asked him. “That’s Sam, Mommy,” he said and then signed it to make sure I got it)


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