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  • I’ve visited your blog several times now as I’ve been researching autism. I have twin boys, 10 months old today, and off and on I’ve wondered/worried about the possibility of autism. Funny thing, the one I worried about first now seems ok, and it’s the other one who displays things that’s got me wondering. Do you remember if your boys did anything at this early age to point towards autism?? Right now, my little fellow is fascinated with his hands – he will look at them and open and close them for a bit(for a few seconds at a time). Now, I suppose this could just be normal developmental stuff, but I don’t recall my other children (I have 3 older) ever doing it this much. He also has an aversion to having his skin touch grass, although he will allow his feet to be on it now without crying.

    When you have time, I’d love to have some input from you. I’m scared of a diagnosis like this, and yet if my child has autism, then I know the earlier it’s treated, the better, hopefully anyway.

    I’ve appreciated your honesty with your posts. If this is a road I will travel, it helps to know that others are walking it, too.

    Blessings to you and your little guys!



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