Dear God or Fate or Crazy Luck

Thank you for watching out for our family by first sending that fierce thunderstorm through here a few weeks ago. It uprooted two beautiful old trees in our backyard and really bummed me out at the time. They were so tall and majestic — taller than our house. The apple tree, especially, was lovely in spring with its dress of pink and white blossoms. Not only that, they provided a nice privacy fence of sorts by blocking our neighbor’s yard from view.

Two nights ago our house caught on fire. We are so grateful that the view was clear and that our neighbors were able to see the flames shooting out from the roof. I guess that’s why they jumped the fence and pounded on our back door.

They say it was an attic fire — an old attic fan shorted, was fried — a fan right above my babies’ room. They think the fan was sucking out all of the smoke even as the fire raged, so our smoke alarms didn’t even go off.

We got out of there just in time.

The first 24 hours were rough, but now we’re settled in to a nice hotel — the kind that has a kitchenette and continental breakfasts. Sam asks about going home all the time. We say, The house has a boo boo and is being fixed and We’ve started our vacation early. He thinks about this and says, Yes! We’ll stay at our vacation home!

John has discovered clothing tags. We’ve been doing a lot of shopping since most of our clothes were destroyed. He pulls them off (sometimes before they’ve been paid for) and lines them up. Today he said Rectangle. Square. and handed two to me. He is stimming a lot right now, but I guess I’m not surprised. It’s been hardest for him. Tomorrow we will resume his ABA sessions here at the hotel and ESY starts on Monday. We’re hopeful that a routine he knows will help.

I don’t know what I believe most of the time, but I’ve been thinking about it constantly over the last 48 hours. Everything happens for a reason. Angels looking out for us. We are so very lucky.

I take a breath. I take another. It’s all I can do right now.


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  • Oh Kal!! I’m so, so sorry that you and your family have to go through this. But I’m so glad everyone is OK. And so glad those trees were gone. And so glad your neighbors took action. … Please keep us updated on how everything is going!

  • Oh my G-d! I’m so sorry to hear about your house but thank goodness you’re all ok.

    What do you need? Seriously …. I’d love to help in any way I can. Please let me know something I could do or bring you that might be helpful.

  • Yes it’s the kindness of strangers -a few years back a passerby hammered on the wall as our house was on fire whilst we were in it. I still have nightmares about it now! I think the breathing is a very good idea indeed.
    Best wishes and hoping that you’re able to go back home again soon.

  • Oh, I am so sorry! What a scary experience. Thank God you are all fine though. I hope the house gets fixed as quickly as possible and you guys can get back into your home. Until then I hope you find a nice routine that works for you all in your temporary home.

  • Wow! That is so scary! I am so glad your neighbors noticed! Yikes!

    I can only imagine how crazy life is feeling right now. I hope the damage is minimal and that you get settled back in soon. But until then I hope everyone enjoys their “vacation”!

  • Oh, wow. I’m so sorry. That really is incredible about the trees, though, isn’t it?

    This happened to some friends of some years ago, so I know how awful it is to have to replace most/all of your belongings and to be displaced for a while. I hope that your most treasured things can be salvaged…of course, your most treasured people are fine, and that’s what is most important.

  • Someone was watching out for you!

    So often it’s in hindsight that we understand the “why” of our disappointment (losing those beautiful trees – I would have been bummed, too)…Praying that your little guys adjust to the new living arrangements and that they come through this without any setbacks.

  • So glad you are all okay. Hope your little one adjusts quickly. It is always hardest on them. Mine is in super-stim mode right now with daddy away.


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