When Life is About Breakfast

Well, hello. Remember us? So many things to say, so little energy. We are still living in a hotel, 21 days since a fire destroyed two bedrooms and a roof. Still waiting for work to begin on our house and all we’ve heard in response to When can we move back in? is Two? Three months? Maybe more.

Nearly one month gone and it’s looking pretty gloomy.

I will say that I no longer feel that home insurance is a useless, overpriced bite out of our wallet. No, not anymore. I don’t know what we’d do if we had to pay $300 a night, ourselves, to stay in this (so not) palatial inn.

As you can imagine, it’s been hard on the boys.

We’ve been in three different units now, thanks to the complaints of people below us. It’s the noise, they say. Sounds like jumping. Yes, my children jump. I never realized how much until I tried to restrain two excited, jumping, autistic boys — who cares if it’s 5:30 a.m.! Suffer with me. Well, now we’re on a ground floor and so far so good.

(We did have a brief one-week respite from the (so not) palatial inn when we went on our beach vacation. That is a whole other post involving sensory overload. Think sand. Think waves. Imagine.)

Our insurance company is trying to find us a house or town home to move into for the duration. So far not so good.

We’ve kept up our routines: school, camp, ABA, a mad dash of commuting. It’s been hardest at bed time because they will not let me leave them as long as they’re awake. Sam gets teary and asks about the house and Are the people still fixing it? I used to feel a bit smug about how easily my kids went to sleep. Bath, book, lights out, no complaints. And it kept my sanity knowing that at 7:30 I would have that down time we all need.

Instead, that down time is disappearing as bed time turns into a Supernanny episode. (It’s not working!) I don’t expect it to get better any time soon and you know what? I’ve been a little cranky about it. I think I’d be less cranky if they slept through the night but they play musical beds or something, each night alternating with a wailing sob right around 3:30. If we’re lucky, we get whoever back to sleep while slumped on the sofa. Other nights we’re up for the day.

I know that this is traumatic for them, I know. But it’s like having newborns all over again. I’ve just realized that I’ve been awake since 4 a.m. Yawn. But hey — did I mention the breakfasts here at the (so not) palatial inn? Every morning: eggs, sausage, fruit, french toast. Never underestimate the power of a free breakfast. It almost compensates for this silly hotel not having Bravo so that I can watch Season 5 of Project Runway.



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  • Mmmm…breakfast! I am so bad about that meal, but always enjoy it at a hotel. Hope they get your house fixed quickly and the kids get back on schedule for your sake. We’re going through something similar with the hubby being deployed.

  • I’m sorry to hear things have been so hard. I’m sure you all must be going stir crazy.

    SB couldn’t stand the sound of the water when we went to the beach 2 summers ago. We tried it again last month (first time since) and thankfully it didn’t bother him at all.

    I hear you on the days that start at 4 am (or earlier) …. so grueling.

    Hang in there. I hope they get cracking on your house.

  • I couldn’t imagine. I know my two would drive me crazy with it too once the new wore off. We are planning a 1000 mile move and I’m exciting but dreading the phase of readjustment they will inevitably endure. I’m sending lots of prayers your way. Keep us updated and I’ll never whine about my home insurance again

  • Hang in there and keep trying to make the best of it, I know easier said than done, but breakfast does sound nice.

    I learned about the necessity of insurance when we had a pipe burst last year, but thankfully it wasn’t in the house that we were living in.

    I feel for you and your boys. We would most definitely have to be moved to the ground floor if we had to be put up in a hotel like that.

    I will say a prayer that somehow a bedtime routine returns for your sanity.


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