Sleep is What I’ll Do Next Year

Thank you to everyone who emailed or posted suggestions about our sleepless nights. We are still sleepless ’round these parts but have fallen into a better rhythm. We increased the melatonin dosage after consulting with our pediatrician. It still is magic getting them to fall asleep, but John continues to wake every night between 1:30 and 2:00. What’s new is that instead of the manic hours spent wide awake, he has started coming straight to our bed, climbing in between us, and going back to sleep — probably two nights out of three. I can’t help but wonder if this is now turning into a behavioral problem (i.e., he can’t fall back asleep without us).

But hey! Sleep is sleep! Who cares if there’s a four-year-old fighting for covers?

Of course last weekend, we spent one extra-miserable sleepless night when the apartment we’re staying at flooded. Yes, it really did. Flooded. After noticing how fast both boys seemed to be having “accidents” while playing in the living room, I sat down on the floor next to them and quickly realized they were playing on saturated wall-to-wall carpeting. We were moved to an upper floor apartment while they brought in fans and hauled out soggy carpet pads.

I don’t think I could have written this past year.

Repairs on our house have progressed but not nearly quick enough. We have walls and a ceiling and fresh coats of paint… but still no floors and to add to the mess, newly discovered water damage in the basement. When extinguishing the fire, the fire department was able to keep water damage mostly to a minimum, but not enough to prevent it from trickling all the way down two floors. Now the basement ceiling will have to be removed and aired out.

End of October. Maybe.

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