The Tie Dye T-Shirt Project

I’ve not been posting much, but I do keep reading when I can. Awhile back, I was over at This Mom and found out about the Tie Dye T-Shirt project. Last May, a teacher asked her kindergarten class to go around the room and say what they didn’t like about a fellow classmate, a little boy named Alex Barton who has autism. Then, unbelievably, she asked her class to vote on whether to ask him to leave, which they did. It’s unimaginable to me how an educator could be so insensitive and so cruel. Who does that? Every child is special in his own right. Every child. Especially our children who face so many additional challenges.

Kyra and Fluffy reached out to Alex and his mom, Melissa, and between the two of them hatched the greatest of plans. What makes people smile? Color and lots of it. What if we had a chain of color stretching across our globe from one special child to another. What if we could actually wrap up our love and unity into a tangible thing and send it out into the world?

And so the Tie Dye Project was born. Alex and his mom made a batch of tie dye t-shirts and sent them out to other special kids around the country. The idea is that then those recipients make their own batch and send them to five additional children, and so on, and so on. We’re excited to have gotten in at the ground level: two days ago, we received our special shirts from the awesome Kyra and Fluffy. They even sent an extra for Sam. (Thanks, Kyra!)

We have to keep this movement going. So… we’re planning on breaking out the dye in the next week and would love to find homes for our creations. If you’d like to receive one of our five tie-dyes, numbered JS 1-5, please leave me a message or contact me at kal(dot)twins at gmail(dot)com. We’ll need a snail-mail address and a t-shirt size.

Keep the love moving.


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  • Hi
    I’m new to blogging and I came across your blog a couple of months ago.And it had been so helpful to me. Today I got the call today that I didnt want to hear .. My 2year old twins were diagnosed with PDD..I’ve been here crying my eyes out.But your blog has been really helpful.I just wanted to know how do you do it? It seems so hard to deal with it

  • Hi twinfin, thanks for stopping by. I’m so sorry you’re having a rough day today. It sounds trite, but it does get better. When you first get that diagnosis, your world kind of slows down as you absorb the shock — it’s a process to adjust to a new normal and you will get through it! Feel free to email me if you’d like. (kal.twins(at)

  • I saw that and meant to do something but it but I’m knee deep in stuff right now. I also hope it keeps going and maybe we’ll get our ‘messy’ act together in the summer as that’s just the sort of project to tackle during the holidays…..I hope.


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