Today I am grateful for:
1. Two boys who will be at school all day…at the same time!
2. A quiet and clean house.
3. Three words: I. Love. You.

In my haste to celebrate my children’s milestone start in kindergarten — not to mention my looming, as-yet-formless free hours — I underestimated the power of the teeming germ pool at school. Within 2.5 days, Sam was felled by a virus that looked like strep and stayed home with me in a cocoon of blankets the rest of the week. Poor guy was flush with fever and required my constant presence. John was fine until the weekend when they traded… Sam returned to school this week while John stayed home, a bundle of energy reduced to a sad and serious boy.

Today they are well. (I will not take this for granted, I will not take this for granted, I will not take this for granted.)

So we’re off to a bumpy start to kindergarten, but initial reports from the home office indicate a drama-free transition at both schools. Sam has already made three “great friends” and his teacher says he is working so hard, remembering to raise his hand instead of blurting out the answers. I guess a good sign is that on Friday he was crushed when I told him he still needed to stay home. “But I WANT to GO to KINDERGARTEN!” he said. (Yep, me too buddy)

John’s teacher reports he has fallen happily into the new routine. They say they are PLEASED with his VERBAL REQUESTING, which, hmmm…makes me suspect that changes in routine can only be good for eliciting those. So yay!

Although the house isn’t clean yet, I predict it will be at the end of the day, so you could say I’m practicing advance gratitude. The quiet, on the other hand, is a mere hour or so away!

And yes, I am also grateful for three words. Three words I have said every day to both my boys. I. Love. You. Today I heard them sung back to me in concert as John used it to request my continued showering of kisses over his cheeks. I. Love. YOU! (insert yummy gobble-gobble kissing of cheeks and laughter). Repeat.


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  • Awesome. Awesome. Awesome! I am so happy that it is going so well for you. Fantastic! I have my fingers crossed that they don’t catch any more bugs and that you and they continue with happyland kindergarten.

    (Um. I’m jealous, by the way.)

  • That’s a great list of things to be thankful for. So sorry your boys were sick, so soon, but I’m glad they’re better and that things are going so well at school for both of them!

    (I thought of you last night as I cursed myself for never getting around to getting a tagging gun. I tagged, and tagged, and had nothing but the teeny-tiny safety pins in the house. Ouch.)

  • I laughed out loud when I read:
    “I will not take this for granted, I will not take this for granted, I will not take this for granted.” One of my many mantras as well, friend. Hope everyone holds onto the healthy for a while.

    And the love? Love never fails to speak for itself, you know?

  • Hi-I am a mom of identical twin girls, just turned 4 yesterday. No dx, but we are on the ASD…had IEP since 2 1/2. So helpful to read your posts..god, I feel so alone and frustrated, but they are making progress. Your boys are awesome. thank you for sharing.


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