And a Month, Gone Like That

Family dramas have a way of keeping me away from here. I don’t understand why, all of the sudden, I have comments that must now be moderated. It’s been over a month since I visited my own blog and today I find three comments from dear readers who took the time to write. Please know that I cherish every comment that comes my way and appreciate the time it takes to stop and make them. I guess I’ve been gone so long that Blogger has gone and made some changes. Need to investigate…

• So. Hi there! Busy times, pressing issues, fights to be fought. I don’t even know where to begin really. Should I start with the last five days? Sam home sick with a fever that would not quit. Flu? Probably, but since he only had his mist vaccine a few weeks ago, any swab test would be inconclusive. Strep? Negative. Today was his first day back at school and I can report that he is much better and I am still standing.

• In other recent news, we were asked to join an exciting research study that aims to explore the genetic and environmental links to autism by studying the genes of identical twins. It’s an important study by people entrenched in the world of autism research and I’m thrilled that we might help scientists find new answers in a world dominated by vaccine causation news.

• John is up to his old tricks at night and not much sleep is to be had in this house. We are desperate and beginning to lose our minds with the nightly parties. It’s as if the clock strikes 2:30 and a switch gets turned on. After reading Christine’s post about her experience with medication, we are seeing a neurologist in a few weeks to explore something I thought I never would. But if medication will help slow him down, quiet him… well, bring it on.

To be continued…


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  • And another post for you to moderate — I’m happy to hear that Sam has gone back to school today and hope that he’s fully over whatever he had….and congrats on getting into the study over at KKI!!!! I hope you can learn much as well as help with the research they are doing!!!!

  • I’ve been through the sleepless nights like you and Christine. Andrew did start sleeping much better prior to his medication, but would still have the occasional early morning awakening. The Risperdal he takes now though, definitely helps with sleep, as well as calming him overall, better focus, and less anxious.

    Hope the neurologist can help!!

    Good to hear from you!

  • We are also fans of bed tents. They are still loud at night, but at least you always know where they are.

    That’s interesting about the twin study. My husband always says we should be part of some study, due to their being identical. I only want to be a part of a study where they come to my house at my convenience, so that’s not too likely!
    Hoping you get more rest and have a good holiday,

  • Thank you for posting this. I checked Chrisine’s post. One of my identical twins sleeps until 4a.m. only once or twice a week, up at 1 or 2 the rest of the time. We have a phone consult this week–Thanks for giving me something to suggest—
    Sleep would be soooo good…..
    Glad your son is better and back to school–

  • I can totally relate to sleepless nights. My son’s switch seem to go off at 2 am as well. His receptive language skills are not high enough for directions like “If you can’t sleep you still need to stay in your bed.” Two of my son’s doctors recommended Melatonin, a natural sleep aid, but I still haven’t tried it. I suppose I should. My son will have a horrible week or two of sleep and then I will be readyt o try and then he will have a good week and I will hold off. He is in a bad stretch right now so I am thinking of trying. If they doesn’t work I will certainly consider prescription meds. Can’t wait to hear what the doc. suggests

  • tried Melatonin last night for the first time. Worked like a charm. Good luc to you and your family and I hope your doctor has helpful suggestions.

  • Thanks, everyone, for the feedback and support.

    Walkerfamily1412 – thanks again for the link to the bed tents. Tents worked wonderfully when the boys were younger.

    Eileen, it’s good to know that you’ve been down the medication path too, I really hope it works for us.

    Jenny, I hope you are able to get some relief too, glad you made that call.

    Emma, glad you started melatonin. John has been taking it to fall asleep for over a year now. Works great at bed time but doesn’t keep him from waking.

    Our neurologist appt. is next week. I’ll report back then!

  • I wish I had something helpful to say. One blessing of Primo and Secondo is that they’ve always been good sleepers. We finally took down the gate earlier this year and they generally wander over to our room to wake us up and join us in bed. I’ll hope for better, or at least sleepier, days.


  • yay on being part of that study! i hope it’s helpful. AND i hope you find help with the sleep. oy, the sleeeeeep. it’s so debilitating when it’s not happening.


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