Sweet baby, I so often underestimate you. Can you forgive your mommy? I came into the room and caught you opening and closing the DVD player. I know you love to watch the previews over and over and over. But we’ve talked about this — or rather, I’ve repeated too many times to count: Do Not Open and Close the DVD Player!

So, of course when I saw you there, Mommy was a little irritated. We go through more DVD players in this house… anyways, I knelt beside you and said sternly, “No, John.” I must have startled you because your lower lip started to quiver in a way I’ve never seen your brother’s do, not even once. Your eyes filled with tears — wow, did it take me aback — I think because I’m so used to you ignoring me when I want you to listen.

But I think you’re always listening, just not letting on.

You climbed into my lap and put your head on my chest and said, “Sor-ry.”

My heart went still in my chest. I looked at your sweet face and thought I had misheard. “Sorry,” you said again softly. I’ve never heard that word from your lips, or seen you so keenly aware of a situation, or had you react to my voice in such a typical way.

“I’m sorry, too, baby,” I said.


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