A Post About Snow and Sanity

On this, the eve of Colossal Snow Storm #2, we pause to ponder how the shortest month of the year already feels like the longest. Last week we had a snow day for a mere six inches — can you imagine? Wimps.

Well, no longer — the Blizzard of 2010 dumped 27 inches on us three days later. No school today, no school tomorrow, I dare say there will be no more school until March.

This area of the world shuts down at just the threat of flakes, so you can imagine what a mess we’re all in.

I am stuck inside with two boys who thrive on routine and we are sorely lacking any — unless you count the consumption of sugary cereals in front of the TV all day. We can’t even go out and sled the snowy slopes, all because Sam had surgery three days ago.

The things I forget to blog about! He is fine, he had a hernia repair which was scheduled months ago and required delicate and thoughtful social stories, not to mention blackmail. And presents.

The threat of getting stuck in a blizzard was nothing compared to the thought of postponing his surgery and starting to prep him all over again.

Lots of drama, lots of waiting, lots of anxiety. Even though John had much more serious surgery as a baby, I felt no less emotional watching them put him under. It was so much harder, I think, because he was aware and he was scared. In the end it didn’t matter how well we tried to prepare him. He refused to change into his hospital gown, which is how I found myself dressed in scrubs carrying him kicking and screaming into a cold and stark OR. I will never forget his screams as they tried to hold him down for the anesthesia — they twisted my insides raw.

It’s not easy to turn your boy over to a room full of strangers.

Well. It was fine, he was fine, even though it took a full hour for him to wake up. We made it home just as the first flakes started to stick to the ground and huddled together for the duration. And here we are: stuck inside, no routines except for the new Snow Time ones we are creating.


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  • I’m glad to hear he is okay now, but yes, that must have been so scary for you–and him.

    Snow days are hard when you can’t actually get out there and enjoy the snow.

    Beautiful photos, by the way, did you take them? Love the cardinals!!

  • Thinking of you as we’re also stuck inside watching TV in the bedroom. Sigh.

    Glad Sam’s recovering nicely, but that can’t have been easy!

  • O.M.G. We’ve been through so many surgeries with Nik that I take it for granted (how sad is THAT??)…but didn’t they at least give him some versed or something to help relax him. What an awful, awful experience for you both. I’m so sorry!

    Glad he’s recovering well.

    I laughed at the title of your post. My first thought was that snow and sanity are mutually exclusive when you have children. 😉

  • Andrew had the hernia surgery when he was 18 mos. I remember it being so hard then. And as you know, he also was just put under recently. That is the hardest part. I’m glad it’s all over for u!

    Hang in there with all this freaking snow!! More on the way for us tonight!


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