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Fingers and toes crossed over here: if all goes as planned, two little boys will return to school tomorrow. Twelve long days. Nearly 40 inches of snow has fallen during that time and as ice packed streets give way to pavement and weighted branches sigh with its release — I stand at the ready to reclaim my house. I probably shouldn’t be so happy, but I am.

I know I’m not alone, my cry is just one in a chorus of tired moms and dads who are certain they are the worst parents ever for turning on the TV as soon as they wake up. I admit: I’ve given up on being creative.

We have been through every game, book and craft. We have colored and cut, read and baked. Sam, once unable to manipulate the Wii controls, has now mastered Mario Kart and is completely under its influence. I was always the mom who said Video games = bad, and My kid will never… and all it took to fell me was this white stuff.

Plus, All the other kids are playing it, mom? I fell for that one. Every play date we’ve hosted has had a little boy begging me to let them play the Wii, the Wii Sam’s dad plays all the time. Except Sam had never played it because his mom is so mean. Flash forward 12 days: now Sam is starting to teach me. Social skills, right?

And John? John could care less about the games, the crafts, the baking, the TV. He is a hard little boy to entertain. Up until today, the only thing he has wanted to do is play with the itouch. He has asked for it every morning as soon as his feet hit the floor. And every morning I’ve made him wait, making him cuddle with me (which he does with little complaint), then trying blackmail, First breakfast, then itouch. It was so gratifying today to hear him reply, “Oatmeal?” since I know he’s finally understanding the terms.

We have two itouch in rotation, mine and his dad’s. Each is loaded with games and videos and songs. It is understatement to say it is his favorite toy in the world. An expensive toy at that, one his dad has missed during this long Snowpalooza. I tell him, You get to go to work! Leave us your itouch, it’s the least you can do! John plays with one while the other charges. He jumps around laughing, his little fingers flying over the touch screen until the battery is suddenly, sadly dead — the moment punctuated with wails and a thud — the sound of him flinging it across the room. It’s love-hate with him, although mostly love.

But in the last few days, he has started to ask, “School?” and “Sam’s school?” and “Library?” I think he misses his routine as much as I do. Today he tired of the itouch before the battery even quit. He wandered down to the play room and after too much quiet, I went to investigate and found him amidst this scene:

What a boy, what boys! I still crave the silence that tomorrow morning will bring, but I will miss this. A little bit.


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  • Ah yes – familiar territory. Isn’t it funny all the ‘my children will never be allowed to……’ we had in mind?

    We’re just going into ski-week, in California, in the balmy 60 degrees.

    One day we should compare ‘lining up’ photos.

  • Oh, boy. I feel like I could have written this post. We don’t have a Wii, but Primo learned to play with my iPod Touch while it was plugged into the wall charger, because he realized the battery wouldn’t run down that way. Today was the first day in a while we didn’t turn the TV on.

    Think of me tomorrow, your friend in Alexandria where school was canceled AGAIN, AIEEEEEEEE.

    Sigh. I don’t blame you for being happy about tomorrow! 🙂 Enjoy.

  • We haven’t been snowed in, but I know how you must feel. Loving our kids doesn’t make it any easier to be with them 24/7 for days on end. I’m glad John has a toy he loves, and I think the Wii is wonderful. Mostly, I think it’s wonderful that you’re cutting yourself some slack about it.

    Fingers crossed for the return to school.


  • I am still laughing at this post. You should read my post about Mario Kart–one of my twins has seriously sharpened his skills during the snow days. And the cards on the stairs-ours are 98 stuffed animals-is very familiar. Maybe we an itouch (our Leapster goes flying when it runs out of juice, too!).It’s nice to not feel so alone–Thanks!

  • You must be very strong… or, I should say that you ARE. My boys were diagnosed 22 months ago and I still want to run away at least once a week. Seems like some sort of secret that I just haven’t unraveled in my mind yet. Your blog helps, and thank you for sharing. I don’t think I ever could.


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