New Friends

An ocean of worry delivers me here. I feel anxious, like I do when I feel I’m losing my grip on memory, time, my children. It’s an illusion to feel we’re ever in control, but it sure feels great when we do. I wouldn’t say that I’m tipping in either direction in this moment, but I feel sick with all the memories that have already sailed away, forgotten, while I’ve been doing what? Living, I suppose.

We all have to do that.

We lost our two senior cats over the last year and after a few months of grieving their absence, we set out, the boys and me, to find two new friends. The old pair never cared for them, and it took a long while to reassure them that not all cats hiss at little boys. We thought about kittens, but instead settled on two young cats — really more dog than feline. They love Sam and John. And I dare say, the boys love them too.


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  • I’m sorry to hear about the worry. I do like your new cats a lot! I LOVE black cats. My first cat was all black, and she was wonderful!

    Now I have two cats, one of whom is good with my kids and the other one that avoids them at all costs and hisses when they get near. If you ask my kids what sound Izzy makes they will say, “Meow.” If you ask them what sound Denali makes they will say, “Sssssssss…”

  • I remember the pair of cats that good friends of mine used to have. One black. One white. Yin and Yang. Companions to the end. I wish the best for the additions to your family.



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