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  • We went to Bolling AFB to see the fireworks. It’s right across from Reagan National Airport and so it’s close enough. It’s a great place to see the fireworks and they had a good gathering. Primo and Secondo split a half smoke, Keen had a Oyster Sandwich, and there was decent (and relatively cheap) beer available. We shared three Shock Tops. All kinds of boats on the river, helicopters going up and down the Potomac, and a sunset to the west. Perfect.

    It took an hour to get off base after the fireworks, but it was worth it.


  • I love that picture. If we had taken our girls to see fireworks, I could see one wearing headphones and playing with toys and the other all kicked back. Around here, though, the crowds are our main deterrent. That’s the one thing I miss about our old house, we could sit in the driveway and watch the fireworks from the nearby park.

  • So surprised that your guy will actually go, even with headphones. At the mere mention of fireworks, which he has never personally experienced, he says “No WAY!”


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