July 12: John’s Friends

Once the structure of school ended, Elmo rejoined our family outings. Wherever John went, Elmo went too. Camp began and since I knew it would be a challenge for him to navigate a new environment and routine — at least at the beginning — I let Elmo hitch a ride. The counselors didn’t seem to mind much, they said John would willingly let Elmo “watch” while he participated in activities. Elmo was there more to share in his day, it seemed — not to keep him from experiencing it.

So when he added Zoe monster, I thought, Why not. He’d even hold them, one in each hand, and make them “talk” to each other, a very animated, though unintelligible dialogue. If they weren’t interfering in his day, then I found it hard to deny him their company. So every morning now, as we make our way out the door, he yells, “Elmo-Zoe?” and runs to find them.

This weekend, however, he added Cookie Monster and now all three must be clutched in his little hands at all times: at the pool, on a carousel, at a baseball game. We’ve only had to fish them out of the water once. We’re not sure how this will end up since Grover and Abby and Snuffallupagus are waiting in the wings.


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