July 31: The Whale

Two months in, Sam is a fish. An awkward fish perhaps, but most definitely a cute fish. Having finally mastered the art of holding his breath, he is all business. He starts by taking a deep, deep, deep, deep breath and then…

…he throws himself head first into the water, kicks loud and furious like a stampede of wild horses and then…

…his little fanny sticks out of the water like a mushroom cap.

When he can’t hold his breath any longer, he bolts up wide-eyed. His hair pasted to his forehead, covering his eyes, he gulps another deep, deep, deep, deep breath and he’s back under.

Sam is beyond excited, I don’t even know where he is on the spectrum of happiness, he is severely happy. He finally learned, by the way, after a little girl, a friend, showed him how it’s done. Peer pressure doing good things.

Yesterday while John and I waded at a safe distance from Sam, for the splashing was intense — John said “Whale?” Twins Dad will sometimes play a “whale” by shooting underwater to grab toes.

Sam heard, stopped and said, “John, say ‘READY, SET, GO!”

And John replied, “READY, SET, GO!!” which sent Sam flying over the water until he bobbed up with a grin. He said again, “John, say READY, SET, GO!” and of course John replied, “JOHN SAY READY SET GO!!!!”

This went on and on for oh, about twenty minutes. Laughter, dancing eyes, love. I think it’s the first time they have ever engaged in a back-and-forth game without any adult prompting.

Cutest. Thing. Ever.


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