Finding the Perfect Gifts

The day is crisp with fall and I am alone. You’d think my thoughts would spill fast and furious ā€” it’s been awhile after all. But my words will not come; instead my head feels like it could explode from the effort (a sure sign that I should be writing). So instead, for warm-up, I thought I’d share a couple of things we recently discovered for John.

First, the most awesome Animal Hands. They really should be called John Hands since this is the position he holds his in all the time (the better to flick them, perhaps?). Nothing beats stumbling across the perfect gift for John since he is the hardest person to impress. Unless it’s a new Sesame Street plush that he doesn’t already own (and you know he owns them all).

Second, we stumbled across these colorful Sesame Street evirosax in a tiny independent toy store. Luckily you can find them online. We spent most of the summer trying to find a suitable container for all the friends John insists on lugging everywhere. Talk about a rockin’ new monster bag! Love them, they’re so cute.


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