Fall and Trip Days

So I just wrote this rambling post that had me wringing my hands with worry over Sam’s lack of social skills, my lack of social skills (in dealing with a parent or two), and the utter certainty of future failures because my awesome boy (Sam, who I haven’t written about lately, but who is doing really well except for those pesky social skills) is having a hard time navigating what are (I guess?) typical snubs perpetrated by six-year-olds.

Since the bigger problem is that I don’t know how to navigate the snubs, other than to rail against them on my blog, I am scrapping the post. For now. At least until I get a handle on what’s crazy, what’s not, what’s typical, what’s not — which seems to be never since hey — my world is so not typical that I have no idea which is which. Suffice it to say that writing about it for the last few hours and deciding not to hit Publish has made me feel so much better. Consider yourselves lucky!

Instead, I offer a few lovely images from our weekend:

At the pumpkin patch
Ernie and Elmo anyone? (duh, John’s pumpkins)
Beautiful hand-picked zinnias


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  • I think sometimes it’s right to write it down and throw it away. But I’m sorry you’re having a hard time. I struggle too, never knowing how to guide my son through the labyrinth of social interaction. Just the other day a friend called him “stupid” and though he was crushed, I told him his friend “didn’t mean it,” when in retrospect I should have coached him through telling his friend how bad he felt. I never think I’m doing the right thing, so on that front, you’re not alone.

    Hugs. (and gorgeous fall pictures!!)

  • Some of my most personal posts, are never published:) Sometimes, I just need to pretend to send it out into this world that at least no one I know seems to understand, in hopes that someone, you know does.

    Uncertainty stinks! Even when are kids are doing “well”, there are just so many things to guard against.

    However, those pumpkins are certainly great!!! I am sure that John loved them!!

  • I suspect that many of us have drafts sitting unfinished or posts finished but not published…for all those reasons. Sometimes, you just need to work it out of your head & heart so you can make space for something different.

    Gorgeous photos. Love the pumpkins! We are so NOT into Halloween in our house; it kind of makes me sad and relieved at the same time.

  • “my world is so not typical that I have no idea which is which.”

    I sooooo feel that. I have no idea anymore. I just wrote a post tonight that ended with the sentence “parenting is hard.” I think I could probably end pretty much every post with that sentence.


  • Hey,

    Can’t quite figure out the right place to let you know, but we might need to borrow your blog title. Primo has just been given a preliminary PDD-NOS diagnosis. So, I guess it’s AutismTwinsToo. Perhaps Gemelos Extrañjeros.



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