Those Darn Twins

I apologize for keeping some of you hanging, it’s just that I’ve been spending all my free time visiting orthopedic surgeons. Someone has to keep them in business and it might as well be us since there isn’t enough on our plate. Ha! You see? That was a joke, which must mean I am emerging from the darkness.

As you know, Sam broke his elbow after attempting to fly off the couch — this is already one of those stories that will follow him into adulthood because it’s just too much — the Icarus references and his earnest certainty that he could fly. Even he says: “I will tell this story to my children someday, when I’m a father, okay?”

This is the boy who also informed me that babies are made when the dad gives the mom sperm. “But Mom? It’s different from a sperm whale.”


Eight days home from school and he devoured every book he could get his hands on. When he finally got his permanent cast on, I was quite delighted to return him to school so he could inform his classmates where babies come from continue his first-grade education and share his new-found knowledge of orthopedics (since he devoured a medical book too).

All was peaceful on the home front. I basked in the empty quiet of my house, at last able to get some work done (the kind that pays, not the housework kind, but that needed to be tackled too) when John decided to take a tumble down some stairs.

Now at first I thought his fall just produced a really bad bloody nose and further loosened an already-loose tooth, but after rocking him back and forth on the floor and getting his bloody nose to stop, his screams did not lessen — if anything, they picked up. I quickly scanned him but didn’t see any other cuts or bruises. That’s when he said, in his small beautiful voice, “El-bow! Hurts?” — I guess his way of telling me that something was not right and remembering Sam’s fall and what Sam said over and over as we raced to the ER.

Brilliant boy.

So back in the car we piled and off to the ER we raced again. They recognized us, go figure! Non-displaced wrist fracture. We were just grateful he didn’t need surgery. As soon as he heard the word cast, he began to demand “Blue cast?” Obliged.

So here we are: identical twin boys with nearly identical twin casts. Eerie twin thing? I’m inclined to think yes.


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