Granite Days

I feel my way through the days, I am parting sheets of granite with my bare hands. Sometimes the effort it takes feels both herculean and insufficient. Everywhere I look there are things to be done, things to look at. I feel my power surge and fall and with it my ability to sleep. But I am strong. I feel this as an absolute. It can be no other way.

My children show me this every day.

A little boy who has always insisted others draw for him, whose grasp on a crayon or a marker has always been hesitant and weak — this boy has accomplished the herculean. Drawing by himself. Sometimes with prompts but more and more often self-motivated. Finding his power, his ability, his strength.


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  • I have found the hardest lessons come when I am not expecting them. The strengths I have found within myself for my child— and because of my child’s example to me of his own strength— run deep. I know you have a strong core. Keep chipping at the granite a bit at a time and it will eventually move. xo

  • My boys are like that – they inspire me, too. Everything it seems, even the small things, is a struggle for them. And yet they move through their day with smiles and laughter. Thinking of you.


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