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Well my child? You sure have been busy. We were running out the door and I yelled “John, where is my phone, honey?” because truth be told, you use it more than I do. You stopped in your tracks and disappeared downstairs. When you returned and gave it to me, I was incredibly proud that you listened, followed a direction and brought it to me.

Then I looked at my phone. I scrolled and scrolled…Seven hundred and twenty photos of the TV screen? Seven hundred and twenty?

I’m thrilled you mastered changing the DVDs without breaking them — we did lose a few to your learning curve. I was curious why you kept changing the disks over and over and why you’d fast forward to a scene and pause it on a specific frame.

When I showed you how to take a photo with the iphone, 720 pictures is not what I envisioned, but wow. I see how you experimented and took photos from afar and then how you focused in on the details that you most love. Beautiful, just like you.


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  • My husband and I just discovered your blog through the NG article, and we can totally relate to you and your sweet boys! We have 8 year old ID twin boys on the spectrum, both born with (matching) heart defects that thankfully never required any intervention. Anyway, as we were looking at this post, one of the twins walked by and of course was–from quite a distance–able to rapidly identify the many different television shows represented in your son’s “gallery.” I can’t tell how many times I’ve had a similar experience, or how many PAGES (but seriously–thousands) of drawings our boys have produced of their “fascination” of the moment. Lately, it’s Power Rangers for one and PBS KIDS GO (“go kids”) for the other. One of our boys, at the age of 5, had never drawn anything, hardly even written anything, and woke us up early one morning and said, “Look mom, I drew you a picture!” It was a page full of shoes. All different kinds of shoes. (Something to do with the ending credits of Barney, I think?) Then he and his brother proceeded to take every pair of shoes in our house and line them up. They are funny like that–they like to support each other in their obsessions! Anyway, all of that is to say, thank you for sharing. It means a lot to know we are not alone!

  • Tara, thanks so much for commenting and letting me know about your boys. (You should see the reams of paper we go through with Sam– our recycling bin is FULL every week). I LOVE the story about the shoes. Awesome!

  • I have been reading your blog for years as I have 5 year old twin boys on the spectrum as well. I have been out of the blogosphere for quite some time as their demands have pulled me away. I really need to find the time to come here though. It makes me feel not so alone and gives me inspiration. I had to chuckle when I saw this entry. Today I discovered 50 videos on my iPhone, mostly of the different animal noises on the See and Say. Oy! I have caught them watching their Backyardigan videos on the iPad and recording them with my phone as well. As if one recording wasn’t enough! Thank you for making me laugh today!


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