Otter Facts

“Otters are fun creatures to watch and they are highly intelligent.”

—from Top Otter Facts,

My child is in love with otters. Lately Baby Einstein’s Neighborhood Animals has been on high rotation around here. Who knows what it is about the otter that is fascinating him so, but he’s been taking more photos of the TV screen (*note new image count: 1,067):

And he was so adamant that I spell OTTER for him that he spelled it all by himself after I told him that if he did he could have chocolate ice cream.

Last night after I had tucked him and his brother into bed, I heard his little feet scurry across the room. He had pulled a book off the shelf and had torn out the page on Otter Facts. When I went back up to investigate, well…

… he read it to me. He stumbled over “often” and “webbed” and “waterproof.” But he read it to me.

This morning he brought me paper and a crayon and said “Mommy draw otter.” I looked at him and said “No. John draw otter.” And then, even though it was 6:30 a.m., or perhaps because it was 6:30 a.m., I said, “John…Paint otter?”

“Paint?” he said. And so there we sat — did I mention it was 6:30 a.m.? I handed him a brush and paint and water. He caught my gaze, unsure. I told him he could do it and  a split second later he began. He painted.

Fact: Otters are pretty darn cute. And intelligent. Not unlike this child.


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  • Precious, sweet, brilliant and wonderful! I love reading about your boys. It reminds me of so many similar milestones with my boys and helps me to remember how far they’ve come. Sometimes I feel so caught up in “survival of the moment” that I lose sight of that. Thank you for sharing and helping me remember!

  • Dear Kal, I am a nanny to identical twin boys and I recently came across the twin issue of National Geographic. Although my boys are neurotypical, I am fascinated by their differences and similarities. I was so intrigued and touched by your story in the magazine. I am in awe of not only your tenderness and devotion to your boys, but your exquisite way with words. I am really looking forward to reading more about your journey. Thank you.

  • This is another interesting one. He apparently found a book with the exact same otter photo he had taken a photo of on the TV screen. Just by chance? Or do otter resources all use the same photos?

  • JUST TO ADD: John loves Baby Einstein: the DVDs, the books, the flashcards. He first discovered otters via the Neighborhood Animals DVD. He also has the book with the same picture (now ripped out) and the set of flashcards. That’s why they’re all the same image 🙂


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