Ten Reasons The Library Rocks

John took me on a library tour last weekend. Both of my boys love maps: Sam likes to draw them and John likes to scroll them. That is, he likes to pull them up on his iPad and peruse the roads in real-time or street-view. I first noticed something was up when I saw him magnify the iPad with one hand and use his finger to “walk” down the street, stopping and rotating the view to take everything in. The world is your oyster when you can visit real libraries virtually — even if they are in states far, far away.

But last weekend we were on the road, headed south with Sesame Street Live show tickets purchased last Fall, and from the backseat, John started to call, “Exit 21, Ware Public Library” and then: “Find the exit! New Bedford Public Library,” and later: “This library please,” which is how we found ourselves at three different book repositories in one day (four if you count the drive-by of the closed Spinney branch).

And one of these libraries, even though out of our geographic network, allowed us to open a library card anyways. We may be the first patrons ever who will return checked-out materials via the U.S. Postal Service ( 4 Sesame Street DVDs that we already own, by the way).

Ten Reasons The Library Is Its Own Reward:
1. Every single library adheres to a similar flow…
2. Children’s section with DVDs
3. Children’s section with CDs
4. Children’s section with interesting computer games (with bonus points for Sesame Street-installed)
5. Large smorgasbord of titles to check out and Mom never says No, no DVDs today
6. Large open spaces in which to run
7. Large open spaces in which Mom always says, “Please walk, don’t run”
8. Large open spaces in which Mom always says, “Shh… inside voices”
9. “First grocery shopping, THEN library” and “First post office, THEN library” and “First doctor visit THEN library” and so we do AND we get stuff done
10. The library is less expensive than the book store. Or Target. Or any of the million places where a DVD display sits. Which is most places, you’d be surprised. (Or not — maybe you know exactly what I mean.) 🙂


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  • I too am a mother of Autism twins, girls. I have so enjoyed your writing. You have been gone a year now. I hope you’ll come back. The way you craft your words and put our experience onto, well not paper, but whatever you want to call it, resonates so deeply. Even though our experiences in our autism lives are not identical. Like our twins, so much the same and yet each so uniquely and fully their own. Thank you for sharing your story, your words, and yourself. It’s been such a privilege.

    • Miranda, what a lovely comment. Thank you so much for it, for reading, and for urging me to return to the blog — I’ve been thinking about it for a long time and your comment may just get me back there. 🙂 How old are your girls? All best to you.

  • Hi. I have loved this blog ever since I found out about it in the National Geographic Twins issue. I am planning on teaching special education when I finish college and have been reading a ton about autism since middle school.

    I don’t really have words for how much I’ve loved this blog and your writing. I have read your blog many times over (enough that I almost started memorizing parts of it, like “El Gato” or “Teamwork”) and remember being really happy to see new posts like the ‘Of Slides and Such’ one when I was on vacation.

    I really hope you add to this blog sometime soon. I remember a period of time when this was on blogger when it was no longer available. (I think I actually emailed you about it) Anyways I was overjoyed when I could read it again on this site


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