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A Handful of Topics to Blog About This Month

A Handful of Topics to Blog About This Month

In honor of Autism Awareness Month I plan to be a little more committed to blogging. Mind you, not every day, but more often. We’ve been on a roll, lots of progress and accomplishments.

1. John has started to point to objects in books and name them. More recently, he spontaneously pointed to parts of my face and correctly labeled “eyes,” “nose,” “ears,” “mouth,” and out-of-the-blue: “face.”

2. After I turn on Thomas the Tank Engine at his request, Sam tells me “Mommy, you’re very useful.”

3. After I spill a bottle of grape juice, Sam announces “Mommy, you are no longer a clean engine.”

4. Autism: The Musical — pretty spectacular.

5. John looks at me and says “Mwah! Mwah!” I don’t understand until he smiles and I realize he’s making kissy noises.

6. What is up with John’s intense love of the Teletubbies? It’s pure adoration.

7. Sam has started requesting Chicken Noodle Soup for lunch every day. This is his first new meal-time food in over a year.

8. Last night Sam said “I want peanut butter and jelly — GRAPE jelly, Mommy.” Shocked, I brought out the ingredients and made a small sandwich in front of him. He took a bite and threw up. I don’t understand.

8. Every morning Sam says “Do my schedule, Mommy.” Not only am I useful, I take dictation — “1. Get up. 2. Go potty. 3. Get dressed. 4. Go to school. 5. Come home.…” all the way through to bed time — and then I must fold up his schedule and place it in his coat pocket so that he can go to school.

9. The ringworm will not go away. Every time we have it under control, new patches crop up. I feel like a bad mommy.

10. Report from John’s school: “He heard someone else say Mama and then repeated it four times pretty forcefully.” I’m still waiting to hear that, perhaps we’re close?

11. Vaccines and mitochondrial disorders. Pretty big ones (MMR, chicken pox) due when we turn four this summer. Their doctor wants us to split them up.

12. Letting Us Magazine subscription lapse results in my reading “What You Can Do Right Now to Help Your Child with Autism” and “Embracing Autism“. I consider letting People go too…

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