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She Reads (Again!)

She Reads (Again!)

I have just finished reading “Autism Heroes” by Barbara Firestone. It’s really a lovely book that profiles 38 different families living with autism. How I wish this book was available when we first started this journey. The stories are full of hope and encouragement, honesty and love. It’s large — almost a coffee table book — but full of beautiful black and white photos and pretty lengthy stories. The children profiled are of all ages, their families from all walks of life.

I loved it.

I loved all the different voices of moms and dads as they tell of first getting that diagnosis and what their road has looked like since. I loved each bit of advice offered to other parents. It made me feel less alone and I was sad when I finished it.

I met the author at a book signing a few weeks ago. Barbara Firestone is the founder of The Help Group, which runs six specialized day schools in southern California for children with autism. All the royalties from the book are being donated to The Help Group to support its efforts on behalf of children with autism spectrum disorders and their families.

You can’t beat that.

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