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The Mommy Switch

The Mommy Switch

We have one or two of those talking puzzles. You know— the kind that meow or moo when you place the correct puzzle piece in the correct spot? Every single night those talking puzzles let out an eerie wail when we turn off the lights. Are they light sensitive? Haunted? Who knows. Well, all it took to bring me to tears at our IFSP meeting today was the mere mention of John. As soon as they started talking about him, I was a goner. I call it the “Mommy Switch.”

Good thing hubby was there to be the rational one. And I had felt pretty good about it. Pretty strong and clear-headed, knew my arguments inside and out. But nope. That Mommy Switch got flicked and I never really recovered.

All of that and still — it went pretty well. Sadly for me, John will have to leave his classroom environment. But in exchange, he will receive six additional hours of ABA at home for a total of 16 hours per week AND get to join another class. Although this class only meets one hour per week, it is sensory-based and with the same teachers he’s had all along, so that’s something. The most important thing is that we are upping the intensity and hopefully this will make a huge difference by the time he goes to school in September.

We are still fiddling with Sam’s program, but it looks like he will get some in-home ABA as well. I don’t know when I’ll ever work (or grocery shop for that matter), but from where I sit tonight, it’s all looking good.

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