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John Meets Harold

John Meets Harold

Lately John’s DVD taste has turned towards something other than Sesame Street and Nick Junior. Harold and the Purple Crayon has been laying around unwatched since the boys were about three. Sam used to ask for specific episodes by number and name (as in “Can I watch number 11, Harold in the Dark?”) while John was never much interested in the little bald boy who drew pictures.

But it seems he has found something in common with Harold now. John’s favorite painting is Starry Starry Night plus he has an affinity for whales. I was not at all surprised to find these images on my iphone today, two more in his series of TV screen pictures.

I’ve been watching him as he snaps them. He is very serious, deliberate — and I dare say he looks like the real deal: an artist at work. He peers down his nose at the phone and lines up his shot just so while his other hand clutches the DVD remote. Press pause. Snap snap. And lately, he’s experimenting with the super slow-motion button so that the video still plays but produces a different effect. Snap, snap.

It’s fascinating.

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